Introduction Letter for Your Next Chapter

While you are quarantined at home we thought it might be a good time to introduce you to our recently released book — Your Next Chapter: A Woman’s Guide To A Successful Retirement.  Present circumstances may have unexpectedly forced you to consider what life in retirement might be like.  No longer going to work, home with partner, children, maybe parents. Considerable food for thought!

Over 25 years ago, Mary Donahue and I wrote On Your Own, A Widow’s Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-being since we perceived a need for a book that would help widows cope with the loss of their spouse on both the emotional and financial level.  It was well received and is now in its fifth edition.

Once again, we have collaborated to write Your Next Chapter: A Woman’s Guide To A Successful Retirement. We wrote this book because we believe that there is a current need for women to have information which will help them address another crossroad in their lives—Retirement.

As you know, the role of women in the work place has changed dramatically over the last 75 years. Like their male counterparts, they’re now facing retirement with a need to manage their retirement funds in a way that will provide for them for 20 or more years. At the same time, they may be struggling with the loss of identity and purpose that retirement might bring to them.  Our book is written by women for women to address these new issues in a way that will help them navigate this newest and hopefully rewarding journey in their lives.

Your Next Chapter is available on  We hope you will find our book interesting and share it with your colleagues and friends. As always, stay safe during these difficult and challenging times.