Creating a Retirement Vision Board-Part II

Dec 18, 2020 by Mary R. Donahue, Ph.D

As you can see, I have posted my completed Vision Board with this blog. The Board is not static and I may change some of the statements and pictures as I think of new things. I might also add or delete an item to make the thought or experience being considered more real or possible.


For example, I can do nothing for the moment with regard to travel but hopefully when travel opens up Morocco and Egypt will be the first 2 destinations I would like to put in place. Just seeing them up there allows me to ponder what each place has to offer and why I wanted to travel there. It is a good feeling.


Items that I have up with regard to classes and workshops I am able to put in place now while in the throes of the pandemic since they are all virtual. I have been able to take several workshops offered by the Smithsonian that combine my interest in given artists and the times in which they lived. As a side note in recent years, I had not taken classes or workshops at the Smithsonian that were offered at night because of the limited parking available around the Smithsonian.  Actually, a benefit of the pandemic is that I can now sit at home in the evening and have no parking issues while enjoying the program on a streaming level. 


Personally, since I have always enjoyed cooking now that I have been forced to spend more time at home I have had the pleasure of exploring new recipes as well as preparing some of my favorites that I had forgotten I had enjoyed in the past. For me, having the opportunity to try new things is enriching. For all of us having something to look forward to whether or not it is a special occasion, or a recipe contributes to better mental health. 


For over 15 years I have had an exercise program in place. I have a treadmill at home that I use on a regular basis. Although I do not have a personal trainer I have taken several exercise classes throughout the years and have incorporated the exercises I have learned in these classes relative to core strength, abs and arms into my own personal workout. I have had memberships at various fitness centers but never maintained my attendance at any one of them . Early on in my working life, based on time, I thought it was better to not spend time driving back and forth to a gym and that has basically stuck. However, at this juncture I am seriously thinking about looking into a piece of equipment that will allow me to get a better arm and abs workout. I will keep you posted as to how that progresses.



On the family level, I am fortunate that one of my daughters and grandchildren live within 15 minutes of my home so I have been able to be a part of their lives in a way that many grandparents have not been able to do because of the distances between homes. Even now that my granddaughter is in college we keep in touch on a regular basis. 


For the moment the area I am having the most difficulty with relative to that which I envision for myself in retirement is what to take on to meet my need to continue to have a meaningful sense of purpose. I have more than one interest. I am personally struggling with should I continue in some way with that which I am familiar or should I venture out to a new area. I also enjoy writing and find myself thinking I have more to say. Although I haven’t yet found my niche I am benefitting from the exploration. It is a work in progress. I am trying to balance the knowns with the unknowns. The one given is that I do not want to just sit back and smell the roses and or eat bonbons. This is me and I cannot speak for all others. What I am able to say with a sense of assurance is that each individual woman has to identify what is the best path to follow to allow her to feel comfortable with how she is spending her non -working time. The variables and variations are almost endless There are non- profits and a myriad number of other organizations that might benefit from your expertise.


I am looking forward to sharing with you where my exploration takes me  and how I end up balancing my time. For the moment assessing .